How To Stay On Top Of Homework: Time Management And Motivation Tips

Struggling to stay on top of your homework? Sometimes a mixture of our personal lives as well as school commitments may become a little overwhelming. Luckily there are a variety of tried and tested methods you can use to ensure you are managing all of your priorities successfully. Everyone is different so take a look at some of the advice below, try it out and see what works for you. If you need more help, we recommend you contact this homework service.
Make a list of priorities - If you have a lot on your mind, to avoid leaving things behind, keep a to-do list on your desk. It is also helpful to keep a large calendar on your wall with important deadlines written in with a marker. Next to each item on the list, note down realistically how long each one will take you, and when each item is due. (If this is a large project, breaking it down into smaller sections can help.) You may have to tackle the most pressing ones first.
Getting through the list - If time is on your side, it can be extremely satisfying to complete the most difficult tasks first as this helps you to get motivated again. When we have a lot to do, we tend to empty our list by doing the easiest and least time-consuming things, however this then leaves us with an even bigger mountain to climb. As such, aim every day to finish at least one thing which is ‘difficult’. You then have the satisfaction of crossing it off your list when it is done.
Rewarding yourself - Rewarding yourself for the hard work you have done is an excellent way to complete your goals and become positive about tackling new projects. Methods vary between people but this could include: buying something you like after you have completed a long-term paper, planning a movie night with a friend that you can only go to after you have finished your to-do list (to motivate you to finish it on the day), or as small as having a piece of chocolate every time you finish writing a certain number of words!
Healthy Eating - Just a note to the above, as tempting as it may be to eat sweet foods and drink coffee while working, in excess these are not the best for your brain. Maintain a healthy balanced diet with plenty of vegetables and healthy fats (great for the brain) and drink plenty of water. A healthy body means a healthy mind.
Managing your time - To keep your mind healthy it is also essential to schedule time for rest, relaxation, and also exercise. No-one can work continuously without a break as they will eventually burn out so try to strike a balance between your work and other hobbies and friendships.
Whatever happens, don’t forget that you are not alone and everyone struggles at times with their workload. Just look to the above for extra motivation to make a start on your homework. Once you make a plan and set the ball rolling, it all becomes much easier!