How to Write a Good Nursing School Application Essay in Two Hours

It can happen to even the best students. Waiting to get an application essay completed until the last minute. Considering that nursing school applications are confusing enough already, needing to write a great essay in two hours is an even greater challenge. Here’s what you need to know about accomplishing this in the little time you have left:

Start Free Writing a Draft Immediately
You don’t have much time to spare, so it’s important that you get started with writing a rough draft right away. Don’t worry about making your essay sound perfect, the important thing is that you get as much content down in a written for so that you build momentum towards getting this completed in the short time you have left. It’s recommended you spend no more than a half hour writing this version of the paper.

Review Your Draft and Organize Content
The next step is to review your draft and organize the content so that the case you are making about yourself and your desire to enter the nursing field is logical and makes the most sense for the reader. Be sure that you have answered any specific questions and highlight the parts you think will have greater impact on the admissions review committee. If you lack ideas read how to write a good application essay

Revise Your Draft to Fit the Best Structure
By now you should have about an hour remaining before you have to submit online or print out to send a hard copy. It’s time to do a complete revision of your first draft. Again, you shouldn’t spend more than a half hour doing this. Make sure the content fits what you deem is the best structure with this kind of paper. You should quickly introduce yourself and get righto the point of your writing. Be sure a concluding paragraph brings the essay to a close and that you leave a lasting impression on the committee.

Edit and Proofread the Entire Application
Spend the last half hour of your time completely editing and proofreading the application. Be sure to eliminate any unnecessary words. Also check that you have used words correctly. You can be penalized for trying to sound smarter by using long and complicated words, but doings so incorrectly. Proofread the work at several levels. Start at the paper level, then proceed to the paragraph level, and end by proofreading at the sentence level. This may seem tedious but it’s sure to keep you from leaving mistakes.