Writing An Essay About Positive Effects Of Video Games

Is there such a thing as a positive side when it comes to video games? Your parents and most teachers will have you believe otherwise. However, there are indeed many positive effects of playing video games. Furthermore, these benefits make for a great essay topic. When most of your class will try to appease the teacher by telling him or her how bad video games are and how they take so much of a good student’s time, you will be explaining that not all video games are created equal and that many have positive effects on students. Here is a great resource you can base your research upon.

It all starts with a good topic. As soon as you find a topic you know a lot about, or at least can find a lot of information about, you can start writing the paper. Make sure though that the references you use for your composition are credible. Let’s see some of the amazing benefits or playing video games so that you have some ideas to choose from for your topic.

The Benefits of Playing Video Games

There are many benefits of playing both violent and non-violent games. However, it is a good idea to stay away from trying to explain violent games to your teacher. While you may be right, it is still risky. The positive effects of games include:

  • Critical thinking – games encourage players to take swift decisions and think ahead. There are multiple solutions to each scenario, and the player must quickly pick the right one. Otherwise, he risks losing a life of the entire match.

  • Social development – most games are played in multiplayer with people all around the world. And most games have an in-game chat system. This means that players socialize with each other constantly. Furthermore, players can form teams and discuss strategy, depending on the game.

  • Educational advancement – many games are designed for educational purposes. In fact, many schools and colleges worldwide increasingly use educational games as a motivational tool during class.

  • Improved hand-eye coordination – success in most games relies on speed and coordination. Playing these games improves this coordination over time and can even improve skills like kicking, catching and throwing the ball.

  • Relaxation after classes – people require a bit of free time in which they can relax and do whatever they like. For many students, playing games is a form of relaxation, just like playing football is for others.

Tips on Writing the Essay

The introduction and the conclusion are the most important parts of your paper. Pay special attention to these two paragraphs. The introduction must introduce the topic and present your thesis, as well as a short summary of the facts supporting the thesis. The conclusion must summarize the most important statements and should ideally end with a call to action.

Cover each statement in a separate paragraph (3-5 paragraphs should suffice) and use clear and concise language. Support your statements with quotes from experts and with facts and examples from credible sources. Also, don’t forget to proofread your work to make sure no typos or grammar mistakes creep in.